Entry: INSECTS found in Water, Parle plant shut Sep 12, 2003

Insects found in water, Parle plant shut

Friday, 12 September , 2003, 15:32
Mumbai: Officials in Maharashtra on Friday ordered a plant belonging to one of the country's biggest bottled water manufacturers to be closed after insects were found in some of its bottles.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorities ordered the closure of Parle Product's plant in Mumbai after receiving complaints that some of the company's five litre bottles contained "dead insects".

"We went to the company's plant and found that it was extremely unhygienic and improperly maintained," FDA Commissioner Uttam Khobargade told AFP.

"We have ordered the closure of the plant until the management improves standards as we indeed found insects in the water. The insects are clearly visible in the bottles."

Parle sells bottled water under the "Bisleri" label, which is one of the country's top selling brands of bottled drinking water.

Last month a report alleging there were high levels of pesticides in soft drinks made by Coca Cola and Pepsi in India caused huge controversy across the country.

The private Centre for Science and Environment stunned the 500 million dollar-a-year cola industry with its August 5 report that 12 Coke and Pepsi brands sold in the country contained a "deadly cocktail of pesticide residues".

But two weeks later, the government said cola beverages sold by Coca Cola and Pepsi met local standards. Cola sales sank immediately after the report


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